New in the bathroom

New perfume from Balmain. This pretty little fellow came with the mail today and I'm already in love with him....


Everyday essentials

Here are my everyday essentials a lip balm and a nude eyeliner both from Tromborg. I actually use the lip balm on my eyelid and my invisible cheekbones - I read this tip on the amazing beautyblog thethingswedo.cover.dk


A new world

The beauty part on smillegolightly.com has gone bigger over the last 2 months, as some of you have noticed. In  the beginning I didn't really care that much about beauty,  maybe because I didn't really use any products or makeup for that matter.But over the last 2 - 3 months my interest for beauty and great products has grown remarkable. Now, I am really interested in  the good quality, products that really works. And of course emballage,it really does matter ....It is like a whole new world, that has opened to me,The beauty world-which hangs undeniable together with the fashion world.Yesterday I got my Bio oil, worth recommending.


"it's pink anyway"

New nailpolish remover from Chanel, besides its amazing remove effect, I pretty much bought it because  of its adorable pink colour .


Cheekbones in a box

I don't normally wear any kind of bronzer,but this wonder of a bronzer from Benefit is a exseption, because it is quite natural. It is like cheekbones in a box, it is not like "bang here they are", but it's helps,when you as me has healthly cheeks.